We Had Fun at the Ice Age Exhibition

woolly manoths If your child has seen too many Ice Age movies and keeps pointing at the Ice Age exhibition adverts all over Joburg this winter, then you will know what to do. Dress everyone up like eskimos and head down to the Sandton Convention Centre for a few hours of fun. It is a fantastic outing for the whole family, with educational material about that time in history, animals that move and growl and fun rides for the kiddies.

taking a picture of the eras at the ice age exhibition The exhibit starts with a wall of historical facts, placing the Ice Age within the eras of the earth, and explaining how it came about. They even have some fossils of the animals. I really appreciated this part because these eras were definitely part of our teaching as a Montessori teacher and at the school I worked at we used these to work out our theme planning.

The next section was full of animals. I have never seen a display like this before. All the animals had movement and noise. They were quite life-like.

Here’s a video so you can get the idea.

different animals at the ice age exhition

We took some pictures with the animals too. I have to give credit to my husband who is a very good photographer.

Nicky was a bit quiet and clingy in this section. I think all the  noises were a bit overwhelming. But he was interested in the animals.

toddler and mom in front of bear at ice age exhibition

2015-06-27 10.39.01

After the animals there was a snow blizzard tunnel which we moved through very quickly! Older kids had fun throwing snow at each other.

Then you get to a section where there is a lot more fun stuff to do. You can play in the sandbox and draw for free.

The paid stuff is way cooler though.

You can have a picture taken with a saber tooth tiger (R60), get your face painted (R40) and have a ride on a Glypto (R20). We decided to do the ice slide (R55 for two slides) and the carousel (R20).

The ice slide was a blast and I’m so glad we did it. Nicky was really excited about it once he worked out what was going on. He raced up that slope while we dragged the boat behind us! DH and I both took turns to go down with Nicky. There is another option for older kids to go on a smaller tube and a steeper slope as well.

sliding down the ice slide at the ice age exhibition

Next we went to the carousel. By this time I was a bit peckish and sent DH to go and get me a sandwich which Nicky and I munched in the queue. Please note that there are no toilets at the centre so make sure you go beforehand.

This was a really enjoyable ride for Nicky. He got to ride on a animal from the ice age on a train like contraption. He likes all forms of driving.


This post was not sponsored. I read Sharon’s post earlier this week and decided it would be a fun thing for us to do. For more information, go to the website here.




Seven Efficient Ways to Hang Up Washing

tips to help your clothes dry I’m sure that everyone has their own style when it comes to allowing their laundry to dry. My mother used to say that she could always tell who in our family hung it up just by looking at it. I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, after reading Rebekah over at Surviving Toddlerhood’s version. Here are my efficient ways to hang up washing.

Hanging up washing is a great activity to do with a small child. Not that they can participate in it, (yet!) but it keeps you busy while they play outside. Nicky used to play a game where he pushed pegs through a hole in the shed. Now he rides his bike everywhere and kicks dirt! (I just have to make sure he doesn’t kick dirt at the clothes!)

1. Divide your area according to people. We have a washing line which is divided into four. So in the front section I put Nicky’s clothes. On the right I put my clothes and our underwear. On the left I put DH’s clothes. Most of his stuff are work shirts and pants that need ironing, which needs to go together anyway.

toddler-socks-on-line 2. Start with the SmallSocks. I hang Nicky’s socks close to the centre. As different ones pop up I can place them together. I’ll do this for our socks as well. I then do the underwear beyond that.

3. Longer lines get larger clothes. I then hang his clothes beyond the socks and underwear. My clothes are hung on the right. DH’s clothes on the left.

4. Heavy clothes are hung in the empty quadrant. I hang the heavy jeans separately in the open section. If it is a heavy load then this part will have an overflow of clothes, particularly things like towels.

sheets and duvet covers on the pool fence 5. Pool fences are great for bedding and towels. The fence is so spread out so that you can space out your sheets and towels in a way that they can dry quickly.

6. When taking down washing, place clothes together according to people again. This will help when putting away. I always put Nicky’s clothes first, and then ours on the top.

ironing clothes on top of laundry basket 7. Put your ironing clothes on the top. This makes it easy to separate it from the rest and place it by your ironing board.

I’m lucky to live in Sunny South Africa where clothes dry easily. We have to take advantage of the sunshine!

What are your tips for hanging up clothes?



Nicky is Three!

toddler with puzzle It’s been a while since I’ve written about how Nicky has been doing, and as he has just turned three, I thought now is as good a time as any to give you all a bit of an update on his development. I can hardly believe how the time has flown and how my baby is now becoming a boy.

– He has moved from Baby Bible Class to Glow Kids. This means that no longer am I going to go with him into the class.

-He is moving next term from the moms and babes swimming lessons to an older swimming class where he will be learning to swim. Apparently they do a lot of swimming on the noodles. He can already balance independently on the noodle. (A normal pool noodle folded in half)

-The language keeps improving. He is getting better at telling me what he wants, even if it is “Here!” with gestures. Something amusing that he does is place the word “a” in the middle of his little phrases e.g. “juice -a- here!” “sleep – a- here!”

-I bought a letterland book and read it to him. He traced most of the letters correctly and was really interested in all the pictures.

-We are doing a sight word app on the iPad. He loves building a tower for the mouse to run up to the correct word. We have also put some movies on his iPad. I wonder when he is ever going to get sick of Cars.

0J6A0197_2736x1824 -He is getting pretty good with puzzles. It’s a nice thing to keep him busy while I blog.

construction-site-kid-building -He is building a construction site. We got this a year ago but it had a “3+” warning.

Now that he is three, we can bring it out and have some fun.

-The potty training is still hit and miss. Still pooping in the pants, although every now and then he actually does it in the potty. He is also now able to go on the big toilet when we are out.

-Sleep has been bad recently because of the nose problems, but I think that tonight we might actually have a good night.

With me… not much is new except I am excited about what is happening with SA Mom Blogs. Fellow blogger Laura and I are teaming up and right now we are putting together a new look with the help of Andrea, a super graphic designer who also did Rattle and Mum, The Grace Factory & Pregnant in Cape Town. So if you’re looking for a designer, you should really check her out.




Five Non-invasive Ways to Unblock Your Child’s Nose

ways to unblock your kid's nose that don't involve torture If there’s something that every mom of a young child values so very much above all other things: it’s sleep. In winter a blocked nose is just another obstacle to a peaceful night. Trying to spray the kid in the nose just adds to the torture. So, I’ve always been open to non-invasive ways to unblock your child’s nose. I thought I’d list some ideas here, as we seem to be going through a particularly bad patch this winter.

1. Hot Bath. Before bed, if part of your routine is a hot bath, you’re on the right track. The steam often allows the mucus to flow out of the nose. I also find that bath time is a more fun, less stressful time and pulling it quickly and casually out of his nose is a winner.

2. Humidifier. This works on the same principle as the steam from the bath, but it has the convenience of being in your room. You can add decongestant oils to the humidifier to make it even more effective. A blow heater also helps.

The thing you have to remember about all these heat creators is that you need to watch that your kid doesn’t get too hot, otherwise you have another sleep deprivation problem on your hands. Nicky likes to say that he likes the heater “on!” even though I can feel that he’s burning up. On the other hand, since he insists on kicking off all the blankets, maybe it will work for a while…

3. Room spray. I had no idea that you could even get a spray for your room but I tried this last night. I could hear that telltale rasp as Nicky was struggling to breath. I gave a few puffs on this stuff and amazingly, the rasp went away. Of course he still took a while to get back to sleep, but hey, at least his nose was feeling better.

4. Chest rub. I have actually been using this method for  long time, even when Nicky was a baby. Sometimes he giggles when I put it on, but other times he doesn’t like it. I find it’s less invasive than the spray though.

5. Capsules. These you can add to the humidifier, hot water or drop them on a nearby surface. I put them on a ribbon dangling near Nicky’s bed ever since he got really upset when I put them on his pillow. “Wet!” he exclaimed, with many tears. The Karvol one has a pretty potent smell but it does contain the decongestant oils of menthol, cinnamon and pine.

If 1-5 don’t work, bring out the spray. When Nicky was little I used saline solution and a sea spray. Torture. Now that he is older (just turned three) I use a aqueous solution and also Drixine. He hates the Drixine! That’s why I try the non-invasive stuff first. You can also get medication from your doctor.


So there you have it. I don’t have all the answers to a solid night’s sleep (my kid has woken up at least twice while I’ve been typing this) but at least I am trying what I can to make the nose blocking less of a problem.

I’d like to hear your ideas of how you survive the winter illness problems.


This post is not sponsored but I did receive some awesome products from Karvol which you should check out.

pac shot

Available at DisChem, Clicks and leading pharmacies.
Karvol Decongestant Capsules (10’s) R47.99
Karvol Decongestant Chest Rub (50g) R31.99
Karvol Decongestant Room Spray (125ml) R48.99

#NickFest Celebration on Nicky’s Birthday

we celebrate our son's birthday at #NickFest It’s not every day your birthday falls on a fun event that contains your name. Lucky Nicky turned three on the same day that the Nickelodeon festival was going on (#NickFest). We had such a good time and the little tot passed out with exhaustion from all the fun afterwards!

We have decided to postpone Nicky’s birthday party, not only because of #NickFest but because my mother-in-law had a hip operation. My in-laws always come up for his birthday and mom-in-law does lots of help with the baking, so we’re going to leave the party until August. It’s important to us to also have family at his party!

Nevertheless we got very excited for the #NickFest event. We prepared by watching lots of the characters we were about to see. We started with Sponge Bob. It turns out Nicky loves Sponge Bob Square Pants. I found some YouTube clips and he watched them on the IPad. He was very sad that he couldn’t watch them in traffic (since the IPad is wireless but not 3G) so DH used up lots of his data so that Nicky could watch them on his phone.

By Friday I was shifting up gears to look for them on the Dstv Catchup schedule, so we not only watched Bob, but also the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Dora the Explorer. (Yes, we do watch kid’s TV but it’s normally the slow moving stuff suitable for his age group like the good night hour on CeeBeeBees (he loves Telly Tubbies) and Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder on Jim Jam).

On Saturday the 13th of June we were up very early. We had to get to the bus provided by the PR company at 7:30am. This was a bit of a challenge. But fortunately Nicky was in a sleepy, compliant mood while I put his clothes on and popped him on the potty rather than a tired-mad- kicking I-won’t-put-my-clothes-on mood.

david-kau After a bit of getting lost we finally made it to the bus. I sat next to comedian David Kau and his family – they have some cute and friendly kids!

bus We had a fabulous time on that bus. Nicky had the best time because he was not strapped in. He took advantage of that freedom by moving around as much as possible, and standing up where he could see. They gave us a nice roll, chocolate muffin and yogi sip. Nicky had a little of everything and downed that whole yogi sip.

#NickFest-man-on-stilits We arrived at the Silver Star Casino to see characters on stilts greeting us at the entrance. Once inside the casino there were more. They even made Nicky a balloon sword.

Inside we got to get our picture taken with Sponge Bob. This was certainly a highlight for us and very thrilling for Nicky.

The Nickelodeon layout was huge and entertaining. There was a lot going on. They had a variety of play sections for the different age groups. The pre-schooler one was where Nicky was happy to play in. They had a ball pit which he jumped into and he also had his face painted there as Spiderman.


riding a dolphin vehicle spiderman-face But by far for Nicky the main attraction was having a car to drive. There were numerous moving vehicles there such as cars, dolphins, tractors and seals. The best part was that you didn’t have to keep shoving in (mom’s limited) money. There was a button to keep pressing, and Nicky soon worked out where that was.

driving a toy tractor driving a toy car Nicky soon found his favourites  (a tractor and a pink car) and he enjoyed riding both of them. Throughout our time at the festival we kept going back to those cars. That was really what he enjoyed the most.

dora-wheels-on-the-bus-#NickFest The show started and Nicky enjoyed the singers and dancers. He was happy when Dora came on and sang “Wheels on the Bus” as this is one of his favourite songs which we sing often.

sponge-bob We also watched Sponge Bob perform and that was fun too. By this time Nicky was crawling all over one of the cushions in front of us.

the slime just got Proverbed Various celebrities got slimed and we enjoyed watching our morning DJ “Whackhead” Simpson get dunked in the green stuff. Idols presenter Proverb said: “The slime just got Proverbed” There was an area where you could play in the slime.

There was also a lovely media/ VIP area above which had food to eat and a good vantage point to watch some of the acts.

All too soon it was time to get back on the bus. Once we were back in our own car Nicky went straight to sleep.

train Once we were back at home, Nicky woke up and we could give him some birthday cake and play with his new presents, including a train set and other cars.

We got him this super quad bike which he really enjoyed.

three year old on toy quad bike

Thanks so much for the invitation, Capacity PR, we really enjoyed ourselves!

Nick Fest Program

nick-fest It’s big, it’s slimy and  it has cartoon characters… It’s NickFest! It’s all happening this weekend 13-14 June.

In case you live in Joburg and are still deciding whether or not to go, here is the breakdown of the program (for both Sat and Sun morning). I have more details on the Saturday morning, but you can assume the same pattern in the afternoon as well.


10H00    Gates open
10H20    Riaad Moosa Welcome
10H30    The Buzz
10H45    Dora the Explorer

11H00    1st Sliming: Sat 13: Kagiso Lediga.
11H10    The Academy
11H20    Sponge Bob
11H35    2nd Sliming: Sat 13: Proverb
11H45    Morgan Beatboxa
12H00    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)
12H15    3rd Sliming
12H25    Cassper Nyovest/Mi Casa
12H50    4th Sliming: Artists
12H58    Riaad – Thank you and Closes Show

Show closes and Reset for 14H00

cartoons at Nick Fest program

If you don’t know much about the performers, here’s a snippet:

– The Buzz is an energetic teenage band who will be singing everyone’s favourite hits from golden oldies to Katy Perry.

-The Tsogo Sun Arts Academy All Stars are a dance group, who will be dancing to international and SA songs. This Academy is drawn from 480 kids from 12 under privileged schools in Diepsloot and Mayfair.

-Cassper Nvovest is a platinum selling rapper from Mafikeng.

-Morgan Beatboxer is an international celebrity beatboxer. According to his website he is the only one who can provide eight sounds at the same time!

They are going to have separate play areas. For the preschoolers – Nick Jnr – soft play area and puzzles. Then kids in the NickToons area can climb a monster wall and participate in a speed testing balloon pop. Tweens and Teens in the Nickelelodeon area will have a magic show and a massive climbing wall.

Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes and towels as there will be green slime everywhere!

Tickets are available at Computicket at R110 per ticket. Venue is The Globe at the Silverstar Casino.


My Own Marvellous Chocolate Creation… and a Mom’s Night Out

my-marvellous-creation-and-moms-night-out.jpg I don’t get out at night a lot. I haven’t been to movies in ages. I haven’t eaten chocolate in quite a while. So for me, this Cadbury’s #mymarvellouscreations mom’s night out was a real treat for me. In fact I would say it would be my first proper mom’s night out. I was completely spoiled and I am so grateful for opportunities like these, chances to escape the daily grind and do something special.

I got the invite on Monday and debated the logistics of setting this all up. I would have to fetch DH early and he would have to deal with Nicky. I would have to see if a friend could come and sort her life out too. Amazingly everything fell into place. I was able to fetch hubby at 4:30 and get home in time to have supper first. My friend Mary was very keen to have a break too and got her husband to look after her two boys.

Off we went to “The World of Marvellous Creations Pop-Up Store” in Sandton City. When we got there we had the chance to dress up and take pictures and that was a lot of fun.

Also at the event were Stacey Vee and Sharon. Check out Stacey in this cute hat.

Stacey Vee in big hat

chris-forrest We then had Chris Forrest entertain us. The man is hilarious. I had seen him the previous day at swimming lessons so the first thing he said was it was good to see me not in water! Chris was even game to take part in the creation of the chocolate by getting on a bicycle!

choose your filling Making the chocolate creations was just fabulous, and I think this is something you should try and bring your kids to try. They will love the process of choosing your three different sprinkles, putting them in a ball, winding a gadget to make the ball move and then choosing the base of either chocolate slab, pie crust or chocolate cupcake. Those of you who know my muffin tendencies would know I went straight for that cupcake option! It was delicious.

base options

We then went to the Cine Prestige at Sandton. The last time I did anything that glamorous was long ago when DH and I had a Valentine’s date at Montecasino. That was special. We had popcorn, drink and I even proceeded to eat the packet of whispers. Once you start on the sugar, you can’t stop.


The movie was very funny. Melissa McCarthy is just brilliant. She takes the tension of a normal spy movie and just brings it down to hilarious levels. I love her in Mike and Molly and it was a treat to see her again. The only thing I will say is, although I it was so enjoyable, the swearing and violence kind of detracted from it. But that’s just me. I’m a sensitive soul I guess :)

At the end of the day I am so grateful for this opportunity to have a break, having being kept away the previous night between 12 and 4 with Nicky I was very relieved to get home and find both father and son passed out together on the bed. Nicky slept so well and soundly between us and only woke up at 6:30 am. Apparently he refused to bath, but I guess one dirty night wouldn’t kill him and it was just so nice to get out.

I also really like this idea of making your own chocolate feast, and the idea with the poster that we are marvellous creations. Yes, I am a marvellous creation created by God, and that is something extra special that I need to remind myself of: to take time to appreciate the good things that are unfolding in my life.

Something else: after depriving myself of chocolate all this time I really enjoyed Cadbury’s new offerings. There is also something to be said for the stress of deprivation. It was good to savor chocolate again.


So thank you, Cadbury, for spoiling me. I really appreciated that.


Details of the pop up shop:

The World of Marvellous Creations Pop-Up Store in Sandton City, Johannesburg. Open to the public from 23 May to 21 June 2015, between 9:00 – 20:00, daily. You can also get entrance by purchasing a slab of Marvellous Creations chocolate, available at retail stores or from the pop up store at a RSP of R29,99. Also, don’t forget to get your marvellous family portrait taken and shared via the Marvellous Photo Sharing machine. If you’re not able to get there you can share your favourite creations at www.marvellouscreations.co.za.



Fertility at 40 Plus Telesummit

fertility-summit Sarah Holland is back with her second Telesummit for the year focusing on the topic “Fetility at 40+”. More and more people are finding themselves in the position of trying to have children after forty, and feeling frustration with the medical options and expenses. If you’re looking for some natural resources, this telesummit is a great place to obtain the information you need.

I’m finding that trying to conceive after forty is a very hard and discouraging path. Statistics are against age and even my fertility expert does not advise IVF. Our medical savings account has dried up. Although I’ve kept the framework of the diet, I’m cheating like crazy on muffins because I’ve lost motivation. I feel like I need some other options and I’m keen to listen to what Sarah has lined up.

This is what I found interesting:


1. Improving Egg Quality Over the Age of 40 Using Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes: Dr Marilyn Glenville.

I’ve blogged about Dr Glenville before, she wrote a book which I own called How to Get Pregnant Faster (and she’s written 11 best selling others), plus I referred to her in my post on vitamins here. Yes, she is very Western and clinical, but she really is an expert, the UK’s leading specialist in woman’s health and fertility. So she would know about how we could help egg quality.

2. How to Choose the Right Treatment Options at 40 and Beyond: Andrew Loosely.

Andrew is a Chinese medicine fertility expert and he will talking about the different treatment options available for someone in this age group, and the differences between natural and conventional medicine approaches.

3. Boost Your Ovarian Reserve Naturally: Dr Aumatma

Dr Aumatma is a naturopathic doctor and she will be helping with telling us what supplements help ovarian reserve and which nutrients help egg quality.

4. The Number One Challenge Stopping You From Getting Pregnant and Keeping a Healthy Pregnancy to Term: Gabriella Rosa

Gabriella Rosa is a long standing fertility expert and naturopath, she will be talking on optimising egg quality over 40, maximising the odds of implantation, overcoming recurrent miscarriage and the male’s side in all of this. Something she always repeats: act pregnant now to get pregnant later.


Sarah will be speaking about your mindset. Molly Nicols (a mind body fertility and visualisation expert and founder of the Mind Belly Connection) will be talking on limiting beliefs about your age.

Clare Blake (fertility massage therapist) will speak on reclaiming your womb after 40. She also has a guided visualisation to release a lost soul (e.g. miscarriage).

Heidi Brockmyre (fertility expert and acupuncturist) will be talking about optimising your fertility over 40 with acupressure.

Claudia Spahr (author of “Right Time Baby – The Complete Guide to Later Motherhood” and the mother of 3 kids all conceived naturally in her 40s) will be speaking on breaking down the old paradigms on fertility after 40.

Elizabeth Manning (master certified spirit coach) will be speaking on your spiritual growth path on your baby journey. I remember as one of the freebies of a previous telesummit she had a call with me. She talked about being energetically stuck, like I had clipped wings. It’s all about raising your vibration: remembering good things and sending love to your body. I remember when I sent her my post on my pregnancy story she commented:

Wonderful Heather! I do recall speaking with you after the Fertility Summit about connecting with the spirit of your child and I knew it was a matter of time before your body energy shifted- your baby was there waiting for you to become who you are now, through all your beautiful growth. Circle and Bloom is wonderful for supporting this work, and setting intention, and I am so glad you took it to heart. Truly powerful journey of transformation. When we shift our environment inside and out to a more thriving, life supporting and life enhancing one, life cannot *help* but expand within us. Creations flow. Congratulations again and thank you for being a wonderful example of one who is “Living her YES”

Of course I have to add that Nicky is my miracle child straight from God, but I am collectively grateful to many people who have helped me on my path. The information I have gathered in these telesummits has been so helpful for me and now I know it will help me again at this next stage. I need to get back on track.

Sign up here.



Toddlers and Shopping: Fun for them but not for us…

what happens when I take my toddler grocery shopping Our grocery shopping trip on a Friday is normally a great time for Nicky and I to enjoy the outing together. We have our traditions: such as eating a banana throughout Pick n Pay. Everyone smiles and thinks Nicky is the cutest. I agree: he can be. However, lately he has become a tad bit difficult. Toddlers and shopping? Lots of fun for them, but not necessarily for us…

The stage is set with the pre-requisite lack of sleep. Always good for tipping off bad behaviour.

He does not want to leave his bike behind. (Lately we put the bike in the boot so that he can be close to it. However I need the space for the groceries.) I placate him with another toy (all I can find – Jerry the Giraffe) and off we go.

Nicky always used to sit in the trolley, no problem. These days? Ha! He wants to climb inside. He wants to hang from the edges. He wants to balance on the top. Every position that they tell you not to put your child into.

The first fruit and veg shop he is controllable because he decides to sit in the trolley. Thank goodness. As we leave he decides to hang from the edge. I move the trolley with the utmost care past shoppers and cars and hold my breath a bit. Once we are in the car he demands to be fed. Naartjies. So we have a naartjie break. By the time we get to Pick n Pay he has eaten two of them.

After getting rid of the recycling I decide to take my chances at the public toilet. I am not in the mood for more accidents (we’ve already had one this morning). Big boy does his pee in the big toilet. Yay!

Nicky sits goodly in the trolley for the first part of the shop. Towards the end he gets a bit bored at the till. He sits way on top of the trolley in a very precarious position. I lift him down.

“Up! Up!” he cries. I put him on the counter as the groceries are scanned.

Nicky decides to act like he is next in line and places his feet right towards the cashier. They all think he is so cute but I am constantly pulling him back, stop him from kicking the poor soul trying to scan our groceries, and trying to get food past him. Eventually we finish up there and get back to the car.

My car guard is occupied packing another boot so I start off by getting Nicky in his car seat. Once that is achieved I am then busy with opening the car boot and helping the man pack.

Nicky is for some reason laughing his head off and I can’t work out why. A passer by comments how nice it must be to hear that laugh all day long. I mumble something about lack of sleep, but inside I am thinking: if only you knew…

Turning my attention back to Nicky I realise he is laughing because he has THROWN HIS GIRAFFE clear out of the car. I rescue Jerry, but the minion is unrepentant and continues to think this is hilarious.

Our last stop is Woolworths and by this time, Nicky is really acting up. He is at the stage where he doesn’t want to walk, he doesn’t want to go in the trolley, he just wants to be carried.

Right there at the middle of Woolworths he refuses to get in the trolley and he refuses to walk, or push the trolley. So he sits down and starts turning around in circles.

I eventually manage to get through the shop, partly with him walking, and partly in the trolley.

Now I just need to get him in the car.

These days there are times when I just want to leave a place, and Nicky has other ideas. He wants to climb on the car. He wants to look at the wheel and say “Wheel!” Sometimes he doesn’t want to sit in his car seat and goes over into the boot and I have to struggle to get him in. Eventually we leave.

When we get back I have lots to do because the maid did not pitch (again!) so I must take out the first load of washing, get going with the second load, unpack the car and still hang up the clothes. I am busy in the kitchen and Nicky insists on staying in the car. He wants to eat his naartjie in the car. After numerous times of telling him his naartjie is sitting on the table I eventually bring it there just to have some peace. I finally finish in the kitchen and go and get him so that we can take out the washing together.

Oh dear. He has peed in his pants. “Pee in pants!”

We do a clothes change and I forget about the car for the moment.

We hang up washing and Nicky starts kicking his ball into this goal post we recently got him. This is lots of fun for him until it goes into the pool area. I have to open up to retrieve the ball, but by this time he has his bike and is racing round the pool. (I somehow think that was his plan all along…)

my toddler threw his scooter in the pool Perhaps not; because his next stunt takes me by surprise. He decides to throw his bike in the pool. By this time I have finished hanging up the washing and have absolutely had it with his behaviour so I tell him the bike can stay right there, despite the plaintive calls: “Bike! bike!”

And so there it floated, like a lost part, just how I felt this day floating away from me. It is now after 1pm but I am determined to get some food in his body before nap time so I make sandwiches. He has one piece.

Nap time comes: he falls right asleep and I have a blessed break for an hour and a half.

When he wakes up after three he is really cranky. He just wants to be held. I have to carry him around while I take in washing and get supper going. In the midst of all of this he does another poop in the pants and I burn the supper.

Just great.

I desperately just need to have two hands free so I can sort out laundry and do the dishes so I put him in front of YouTube videos of panda bears. He sits there quietly and I get a lot done.

Quietness always comes with a catch, doesn’t it?

He has peed on my chair!

In the midst of this clean up, (and an unfortunate meltdown from me) I remember how he peed in the car and have a quick check but I can’t seem to find where he peed. All the windows are open, the sun is shining, and I assume it must have dried out.

I finish up with the dishes and DH phones for us to come and pick him up. Nicky has disappeared. Quietly.

I am determined not to get in the car without getting him to pee so off we go to the potty.

Oh my word. “Poop in pants!”

We now have to do another change before we go.  This is why we have so much laundry these days.

I get the dogs out, close up the house, get Nicky in his car seat and activate the alarm.

I am sitting in front and it is as I am turning the ignition that a wet feeling soaks through my pants.

Yes, you are right. I was sitting in pee.


After this day, I think DH could see how I was losing my marbles and offered to put Nicky to sleep. Nicky was very confused and slept upside down, but hey… I had a bit of a break!


An update to this post: On Saturday we had such a nice day. I didn’t have to be anywhere and I didn’t have many tasks to complete. I could mostly give him my full attention. It occurs to me that the potty accidents are just cries for attention when I am too busy. It’s not good to be too busy. I really hate it when my maid doesn’t pitch….








Step By Step: How to Sell Baby Goods Online On Mom’s List

Do you find that your house is full of unwanted clutter? Do you still have some unopened baby shower gifts that are just sitting there, gathering dust? I’m going to show you step by step how to get rid of your unwanted baby goods online on Mom’s List for cash. It’s a great way to neaten up your house and fatten your wallet.

A year ago Caroline and Richard Lawrence also had the same problem with a lot of baby clutter around the house. They put together “Moms List”, South Africa’s first social marketplace for mom & baby and it was launched in December 2014.

With over 10 000 Facebook followers, 1500 registered members and 1000 products and services already being sold on the marketplace after only 10 weeks of being live, this new classified website is fast becoming the best place for moms of any age to buy, sell and follow like-minded people and businesses.

This is the process I followed to sell an item on Mom’s List. It was an unopened baby shower gift: the Bath Dam.

Step 1: Register


register-momslist Go to Mom’s List and click on Register. Fill in the form.

Step 2: Login

user page, mom's list Once you’ve got your user name and password emailed to you, you’re good to login.  Once you’ve logged in you’ll get to your user page.


Step 3: Sell

filling in form, selling a baby item on mom's list Click on “Sell“. Fill in the form. I filled in the form about my Bath Dam. Once you’ve filled in the from, click on “post ad”. You can check the ad by clicking on “Buy” and seeing it in your category, or on your user page.


After doing this, the next step is to wait for someone to buy your product!


Find Mom’s List right here.