Seven Warning Signs Your Dog has Had Enough of Your Toddler – And What To Do About It

seven-warning-signs-dog-and-toddler-what-to-do It has been said that you should “pick your battles”. At the moment I am focusing on two main discipline issues with Nicky.

1) Don’t throw your cutlery or bowl when you are finished your food.

2) Don’t hurt the dogs.

Now throwing cutlery is easier solved. I can re-direct him to throw a ball, and recently he has been giving me his spoon. I also think it is a cry for attention: “I’m finished mom! You need to help me with this bib!”

Dogs, on the other hand, are an ongoing problem.

We have two dogs, Coffee and Milo.  Milo is probably the one we should be more worried about (he is not as tolerant of Coffee) but he has more sense. He normally goes straight away and hides under the desk in the study in the mornings. Coffee, on the other hand, is a social dog and wants to be in the middle of everything. Unfortunately this means she is the prime target for Nicky to climb, hit, kick her or even ride his cars all over her body.

Readers of this blog have already seen the picture of him driving cars under her tail. She seems to tolerate that well enough, although we have to keep an eye on him.

About a year ago this video was doing the rounds on Facebook and it really alerted me to the way dogs try and communicate that things are not ok, even though you think they are. If we stay alert and see what they are saying then maybe we have a chance of preventing our worst nightmares: fatal dog bites. And it has happened.

Watch the video:

As you can see, the video gives us the following signs to be aware of:

1) Avoidance: this is what Milo does – he runs away. Smart dog.

2) Alert: Coffee puts her ears up and looks agitated.

3) Tongue flicks  / licks- watch my video to see Milo doing this as Nicky approaches.

4) Whale eye: I know Coffee is really upset when her eyes are enlarged.

5) Pacing: Another sign of agitation.

6) Growling and

7) Showing teeth: I remember this happening with Milo. We went through a really bad patch with him. I think he has learnt now to keep away.

Here’s another video about how a bite could have been prevented. The dog is cornered and he is turning, showing he wants space, stiff and flicking his tongue too:

What I do to deal with the situation:

1) Redirection. Just like any other toddler misbehaviour, I redirect. Since the number one thing he wants to do is climb and move, bringing the scooter around normally works. That way he can climb on the scooter and move around without bothering the dog. (Of course you then have to watch that he doesn’t ride over her tail..)

2) Separation. This is often my last resort after I have repeatedly told him “No!” Just putting the dogs in another room for a while and distracting Nicky with something else is another way of dealing with the problem.

Here is a video I made showing Nicky, Coffee and Milo together outside. You’ll see Milo is very relaxed at the beginning (panting, blinks) and then when Nicky moves towards him you’ll see that tongue flick or lick. A slight tension and then Nicky turns around and walks the other way towards Coffee. Coffee is listening for her buddies next door and also sniffing the air. But her ears are up on high alert either way. Milo looks relaxed again at the end of the video.

toddler-and-dog2 I think in conclusion the best plan is to be very aware of the interactions between your toddler and your dog as well as their limitations so that if there is any problem you can catch it before it escalates. That way you can protect the ones you love in a way that acknowledges their temperaments and builds canine and human relationships in the generations to come.

Nicky’s First Salon Haircut

toddler-first-salon-haircut I was driving back one morning from dropping off my hubby when I was handed a pamphlet for “The Pear Tree“, a venue where you can get your hair and nails done while someone looks after your kids.

This appealed to me on a lot of levels. I only have the maid once a week on a Friday, and basically that is mostly taken up by the morning grocery shop (which Nicky joins me on while she vacuums). Then it’s nap time which I like to use to work, but I can also use that time to pop out. Once Nicky wakes up there really isn’t much time before she has to go again. Plus these days she isn’t that reliable (Friday she cancelled again).

So I was glad last Thursday to book appointments for both Nicky and myself without having to worry too much about childcare. For R50 they will look after your kid while you sit in their coffee shop or get your hair done. They also have fitness classes (pilates and yoga).

My hair was cut by the very capable Mavuso. He has a lot of experience and has worked for Gary Romm for two years as well. He has also cut a lot of kids hair. He is a father to three kids as well. I think this is the first time I’ve had my hair properly styled and it felt nice.

Nicky played very happily in both the indoor and outdoor playgrounds. He apparently spent a lot of time in the sandpit and got a bit sunburnt (oops I forgot to put sunscreen!). They even fed him. They took him to come have a look where I was as well.

Then his time came for his haircut. We have done our own thing twice before but he has been looking a bit unkept. At the start they strapped him into this high chair and he cried as Mavuso cut at the back. But TK gave him a lollipop pretty soon and that helped a lot.

At the end of the day it was a fun outing and we both looked much better.

This evening I cut hubby’s hair and now we are all looking good.

Here are some pics of us with out new haircuts:

heather-step .Nicky and H Nicky-and-Heather

Nighttime Nursling (from No-Cry Sleep Solution)

One my biggest problems at the moment is lack of sleep. Nicky is regressing to waking up EVERY TWO HOURS FOR BOOB! I am exhausted.

So let’s look at some ways this book suggests to cure night time nursing.

no-cry-sleep-solution-toddlers-night-nursing 1) Pantley’s Gentle Removal Plan:  At the end of nursing during the day say: “All done, Milk is all done. Bye bye milk.” Then during the night, get him off the boob when he is relaxed. When he falls asleep without the boob, say the same phrase.

To be honest I have already been doing this for ages. Not all the time, but every now and then. He kind of settles after I have pulled the boob. But he still seems to need that initial boob. I wouldn’t talk though, I don’t want to wake him.

2) Create a New Bedtime Routine: where they fall asleep without the boob. They suggest cuddling, music, audio book.

I do have a sleep app noises I can try, I guess. (I tried it last night but he was too distracted by the IPad. He has lots of game on there he likes, especially he likes watching videos of himself) My problem with routine for bed time is that I have to pick DH up at irregular hours. There’s not much I can do about that but I have been trying: supper at 5, bath thereafter, pick up DH around 6/7. bed 8/9.

3) The Storytelling Ritual: While sucking on a sippy cup or pacifier tell a story where they are the main character.

I did try this last night without success. But I think it’s a good idea I should keep trying.

3) Set Time Perimeters: E.g from 12:00 till 6 am “the milk is asleep”. Explain mom gets grumpy without sleep. Hold, pat & comfort but insist the milk is asleep.

I like this one. But I know he’s going to cry.

4) Use Light and Dark as Nursing Cues: “We nurse when It’s light. We sleep when it’s dark.”

This is similar to 3 but the thing is we don’t really nurse much in the day anymore.

5) A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place: Don’t nurse in the bedroom. Massage, sing, story, relaxation exercise. Go to sofa for nursing if he really needs it.

Sheesh. Up and down. But maybe that might work.

6) Adding some motivation: 20 -30 prizes if he waits till morning to nurse.

Not sure he’ll get this.

7) Enlist the Help of Another Adult. Dad puts child to sleep.

We have tried this, it doesn’t work. But maybe we should persist.

I like this quote though: “Crying and fussing in the arms of a loving parent are not the same as crying it out.”

They say 10-14 days will show success. Also allow touch.

What has worked for me so far:

At the moment the real thing that I am not willing to do is ongoing nursing in the middle of the night. In other words, hanging on my boob for hours on end. So this is how things have gone. I have been using a sippy cup of tea at night with some holding as well.

-Friday night: The previous day was normal but he woke up early and wanted to hang on me in the early hours of the morning. So I just said no and redirected him to the sippy cup. Of course he cried but in the end he did drink a bit and eventually fell asleep.

-Monday night. Monday was a difficult sleep day because we had a doctor’s appointment in the morning (my DH’s annual neurologist check up in Sunninghill) so of course he fell asleep on the way back and refused to nap when we got home. That night he went to bed very early (7pm) in his own room and then apart from a few wakings here and there he was fine. Until 4am he was WIDE AWAKE and wanting to play. Of course I was not. I was VERY TIRED. So I took him off to the other room and held him and gave him the sippy cup. Eventually he went to sleep. I have to say that on Tuesday I was extremely exhausted and for the first time napped when Nicky napped.

Last night was fine because he went to bed with us (although I really tried to get him to sleep earlier) and only woke at 4am and went straight back to sleep.

I can handle that, it’s the late night wakings and NOT wanting to go back to sleep that is bad.

So let’s hope we are done with the bad nights for now.


Driving Toy Cars Under Objects

driving-truck-or-cars-under-objects Nicky loves anything with wheels, but for him there is more to playing with them than moving them back and forth. One of his favourite things to do with cars is to drive them under various objects.

He will stand next to furniture that is the right height and line all his cars and trucks up. This can be a couch or a bed.

driving-truck-under-dog-tail On the bed, our dog, Coffee, is often lying around, and he loves to drive his cars under her tail. Or should I say, hold the tail up vertically, while driving the car next to it.

driving-car-under-toy-wand He also had fun driving a car next to his light sword toy.

Another fun thing he likes to do is drive around on his scooter. Then, if we are sitting on the couch we must lift up our legs in a certain way as he drives past. He takes great care to put the leg up and down in the way he wants.

He also takes cars into the bath and moves my legs back and forth around where he wants his car to drive. One of his cars that often has a ‘car wash’ has been in the bath so many time it’s paper eyes have completely come off.

In short, this boy loves cars and I’m sure can’t wait to drive a real one. He still loves to spend time in my real car, playing with the steering wheel.

By the way, thanks for all the supportive comments on my weaning post. I will keep you all updated with how things are going.

Here are some fab pictures of myself and Nicky, at 25 months. As you can see, he is holding cars. In you want to know where I got that nice teal top from, read about my day of fashion here.


Win One of Five Dummy Sterilisers!

win-dummy-sterilisers My previous blog post and giveaway was a  big success! The winner of the soother steriliser was Stephanie, from Pretoria.

I have now been given five more soother/ dummy sterilisers to give away. They are also all green, so you don’t have to worry about the gender preferences.

Just a recap on exactly what it is:

The Milton Soother Steriliser

The foam components.

The foam used in this steriliser took them about a year to source and that it is medical
grade PVA from Belgium.  They tried it at first with one foam and then found it to be better with two. The sponges absorb the water and are pretty special because they can also be used inside the human body.

MINI1_vert Pop water and the Milton tablet in this container, and within fifteen minutes you have a sterilised dummy that will last for 24 hours.

Mini green with strap RET Another nice thing about it is that it comes with a strap you can attach to your stroller. So it really is sterilisation on the go!

If you’d like to read more about Milton and their other sterilisation products, plus why you need to sterilise in baby’s first year, go to my previous post here.

To enter, use the Rafflecopter method. The competition closes on 15 August. Winners will be emailed and also announced on the Facebook page. You must be living in South Africa to enter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Weaning – I Just Can’t Do It.

weaning-I-can't-do-it Nicky has recently turned two and shows no sign of dropping the boob. Although the day feeds are a lot less, he still needs it to go to sleep and when emotionally distressed. I keep trying to stop, but I’m weak.

Here is a list of my procrastination methods:

1) Get another sippy cup. We have a variety. I have two kinds of no spill Tommy Tippee. I have a Avent no spill with a straw. I have two with a straw that spill. I have two push top lids. We have a cute car one.

Sippy cups haven’t totally been a total waste as I now have him drinking tea out of one of the non spill Tommy Tippee (pictured above). So if that helps for a morning or evening feed, great.

2) Read another book on weaning. It’s much easier to read a book than put the information into practice. Then you feel like you are doing something. Remember that post I wrote before on gentle weaning based on two other books? Great tips, right? I wrote them all down. Did I do anything about them? Nope.

I’ve just finished another one (pictured) which is actually really good and has a really good quote about how demanding weaning is.

3) Ask everyone for advice. I asked my mom friends. I asked my sister. I asked my mother. I listened as I was told about feeding Nicky yoghurt at night, I must rub his back to get him to sleep. I must sleep train. I must, I must… aaaah! I listened and I did nothing. (Oh by the way Nicky laughs when I rub his back)

4) Create a spreadsheet to track feeds and what is prompting them. I think my DH’s love for spreadsheets is getting to me. Also the yelling spreadsheet tracker worked really well, didn’t it?

Well that idea lasted one day.

The first day went really well. No day feeds apart from nap time. One feed to get to sleep.

And then.

And then the wheels came off.

Many night feeds because he didn’t sleep. The next day he was so grumpy because of lack of sleep he needed more feeds to calm him down. We have actually had a week of bad sleep. I think he’s teething or he was too cold or something. Who knows. I just rolled over and kept the crying down with the boob solution.

5) Assemble a variety of boob substitutes next to the bed. This was bound to make me feel better, right, and feel like I had some kind of plan, right? I went and bought a bottle warmer. I have a sippy cup. I had a dummy. I had a pouch of food.

Nicky enjoyed playing with the dummy – taking the cap on and off was lots of fun for him. He had the pouch for breakfast. I never had the energy to get the warm bottle. I was weak.

Well folks, I have nothing more to say. I am sure you guys have loads of advice, but then again, I probably won’t listen to it.  I just need support.


Why We are Drawn to the Train Wreck of Reality TV

why-drawn-to-train-wreck-reality-tv-harry-juan-pablo Two reality shows have recently finished their run on South African television and they had some pretty unique endings. The train wreck of watching people’s lives unfold on television isn’t a new phenomenon, as any seasoned ex Jerry Springer watcher will tell you. However, I have to say, that we have plumeted to new lows on “I want to Marry “Harry” “, and “The Bachelor” Season 18.  This doesn’t make them any less entertaining to watch, but you have to wonder why.

From the outset, “I want to Marry ‘Harry’” was bound to run into murky waters. Impersonating a prince with cameras, pretending to be a “Bachelor” situation with fake press and groupies entering at the right moments, well, I guess only gullible American girls would fall for that. We expected the train wreck from the beginning, but surprisingly, some of the girls bought the act. Even the girl who he chose in the end was fine with him not quite being royalty. The American public, however, did not buy into this show, and it was axed after four episodes. Lucky SA, we got to watch all eight, as “Harry” (actually Matthew) agonised over the deception. In the end I am willing to bet he is a better catch than the real Harry, the party prince who is one step away from rehab. Matthew actually came across as quite conservative and a genuinely nice person (apart from the deception). He is currently still enjoying a long distance relationship with the winner of the show. A good outcome from a dubious origin.

On the other hand, we expected better things from the latest season of “The Bachelor”. Although, I’m not totally sure why. If your requirement for a bachelor is only that he is hot and has fantastic abs, then I think you are headed for trouble. Juan Pablo was hugely popular in the aftermath of Desiree’s Bachelorette season. During his own season it initially looked like the familiar formula of romance of a man seeking his mate. (It is rather easy to be distracted from what a person is really like in far flung exotic locations on dates that most of us normal plebs would only dream about). However, when forced to spend a whole night with this man, Andi, an intelligent district attorney and, the chosen next Bachelorette, didn’t enjoy it too much. Here was a guy so busy talking about himself that he forgot to ask about her. Worse was to come for one of the final two in a helicopter ride. In a throw away comment Claire still refuses to divulge, Juan Pablo insulted her and questioned their relationship.

In final episodes of the series, unlike anything we have ever seen before, where we are normally all rooting for the lovers, there was a growing sense of unease among audiences. How would this all turn out? And could there be true happiness with this guy?

Juan Pablo chose Nikki. (In my opinion she was more of the “dumb blonde” type who would have been immune to his flaws). He did not propose to her nor did he say that he loved her. While people may be frustrated with that ending and wonder if they can really be happy, I think it is worth mentioning something that Nikki said on the final show.

She said that so often you see Bachelor engaged couples who wax lyrical about how in love they are and further down the line are broken up. Juan Pablo and Nikki are much more real in a way because they are honest about where they are at. At the time of posting this they are still together, although they will be filmed undergoing couples therapy. A promising beginning and a questionable ending.

Let’s also not forget the Oscar Pistorius Trial coming to an end on channel 199. To be honest I watched a lot of it at the beginning but by the end I had lost interest. Still, the fallen hero holds a fascination for many and we are still to see how this will end. (The odds are against him, though).

Why are we so drawn to watching the terrible undoing of people, falsely set up situations and men we clearly would never date?

1) It makes us feel better about our lives. Bridget Jones put the description of the “smug marrieds” rather well. We feel even more smug about ourselves watching desperate girls go for a man they clearly shouldn’t.

2) It makes us complacent about and / or gives us escape from our own demons. We would never shoot our girlfriend in a fit of rage, would we? We would never be that desperate for a guy, would we? We would never treat a girl like that, would we? We would never pretend to be a prince, would we? The truth is, we all have our dark sides and, given similar circumstances would have no knowing if we would have acted the same. In fact, reality television is a good outlet for those sides we would rather not recognise.

One final word or warning and application for us bloggers: do not think that the train wreck cannot happen to you. Read Mommy Odessy’s post – reflection on how her son’s death and increase in site stats are often just the “rubber neckers” having a look at the train wreck to feel better about themselves. But she has emerged a stronger woman and now has a wonderful child. Cause this train may be bruised and battered, but this train keeps on f**g chugging.





Opening and Shutting

opening-and-shutting-toddler I remember the nurse at the baby class saying that in the first year, babies want to know what things ARE (i.e. put it in your mouth and discover it with all your senses) and in the second year they want to know how things WORK. In other words, they love exploring the function of things.

As Nicky hits 25 months he is now actually in his third year, but I have been noticing recently that Nicky has been experimenting with how things work at the moment, particularly with regard to opening, shutting and turning things on and off.

1) Opening and shutting car doors and winding the windows up and down.  I’m not a bad mom, I promise. But often when we get back from a place Nicky wants to stay in the car and practice opening and shutting the doors and winding the windows up and down. He used to love the steering wheel but now he also likes to turn the radio on. I keep checking on him, bring food to him, but with shrieks and grunts he makes it clear that he is still busy on this developmental task. Until he gets tired of it, of course.

2) Opening and shutting the gate. The other day when we were putting out the rubbish I showed him how the remote works. Much joy. He did not want to come inside but spent a long time pressing the button while the gate opened and shut. Eventually I had to call him in before he did some damage!

3) Turning the heater on and off. Last winter Nicky enjoyed feeling the warm air from the blow heater. This year he has figured out how to turn it on and off. He really gets a kick out of that.

toddler-on-phone 4) Moving the mouse and turning the computer screen on and off. Nicky has made the connection between the mouse and the computer screen and chortled with joy as he moved it back and forth. He then had fun turning the screen on and off. He even decided to make a phone call (not fun for my DH who was on the other extension at the time).

5) Doors. He loves to slam doors. Of course I have to help him open them again.

6) Nicky likes to turn lights on and off. It just gets tiring to hold him up to do this! This evening I got nappy boxes so that he could stand up to turn it on and off. And there was a dimmer switch too that he enjoyed turning on and off.

toddler-using-dustpan 7) Opening and closing dustbins.He watched me use the dustpan the other day and then the following day he sweeps dirt into the pan and opens the dustbin, empties the dirt and closes it again!


My little explorer gets better and better dealing with his surroundings every day!


Why Baby Equipment Needs to be Sterilised – PLUS Win a Soother Steriliser

why-baby-equipment-needs-sterilising I went to the launch of Milton SA’s latest products with a certain amount of trepidation. I wasn’t quite sure if this event was a good fit for me. I  never really used Milton. I sterilised Nicky’s bottle and pumping equipment when he was little in the microwave and I have been breastfeeding ever since, so I felt like it wasn’t really for me. However, I decided to put my reservations aside and find out more. Also, my own bottles had been sterilised by Milton as a child. So, it is a part of my history after all.

Well, it turned out to be very interesting.

Steve Riley

Steve Riley

The speaker was Milton’s Global Technical Director and clinical biochemist, Steve Riley. He has worked in disinfection and sterilisation for thirty years.

I found out the following about why we need to be taking extra care in sterilising our baby bottles and pump equipment.

1) Babies don’t have much of an immune system in the first year. I knew this, that’s why we were washing and microwaving all the bottles etc.  But I found out some interesting stuff. During pregnancy the mom protects the baby. Once born, there is a substance called sIgA (secretory immunoglobulin A) from the breastmilk that continues to protect the baby’s immunity. It is an anti-infective agent that coats the intestines to protect against germs. In colostrum and that first week it offers concentrated protection, but in the second week, drops 65%. Between 5-6 months, the immunity is at its lowest. (Bottle fed babies don’t have any protection of this kind at all). By six months babies start producing their own IGA and by one they have 17% of what an adult has. I knew that breastmilk helped keep a baby well, but it really was affirming for me to hear all these statistics when breastfeeding hasn’t been the easiest path to follow, and it did offer some encouragement to me.

But whether you bottle or breastfeed, if you are using bottles at all, you need to keep them sterile to protect that fledgling immune system.

2) Prevent gastroenteritis. Steve says the goals to increase breastfeeding and decrease gastro in babies have not been fully met. He says breastfeeding has increased (well, I think the jury is still out on that one…) but not gastro. Did you know that in 1940 there was a gastro outbreak that killed 4500 babies in the UK? The ministry of health asked Milton (which had been around since 1916) to help. And  yes, they did name the company after the poet.

3) Kill nasty bugs. Apparently, with Milton, the worst are killed off in one minute (e.g. bacteria, fungus) and the real nasties within 15 minutes (e.g. rotavirus, norwalk virus, polio, influenza). Um, those sound like some of the things Nicky was immunised against in vaccinations. Double protection, then?

So, practically, how can we bring the effectiveness of hospital sterilisation to our homes?

Milton has three new products which you might want to take a look at.

Combi Steriliser white box RET 1) Combi Steriliser (using at home)

You can use this hot (in the microwave) or cold (with the Milton tablets or fluid). Steve told us something pretty interesting. He said they tested other makes and none of the others really went to the temperatures theirs did. The others could only do 90 degrees whereas Milton’s one could do up to 120 degrees. This is because it isn’t your regular “put two pieces of plastic together and have air vents”. (Before you panic about whether your plastic will melt, Medela and most bottles today can go up to 140 degrees). They have a special pop up vent technology where the valve will pop up in the microwave and release the steam pressure. They also have silicone seals. So all  you would do is pop 60ml water in and microwave on high for two minutes and bob’s your uncle. Sterile for 24 hours.
Milton-BilingualSolo-Carton2 2) Milton Solo (out of the home)

Similarly, you can use this hot or cold for a single bottle and it will be sterile for 24 hours. It also has the pop up vent.

3) Milton Soother Steriliser (for dummies)

The foam components.

The foam components.

Steve told us that the foam used in this steriliser took them about a year to source and that it is medical MINI1_vert grade PVA from Belgium.  He also said they tried it at first with one foam and then found it to be better with two. The sponges absorb the water and are pretty special because they can also be used inside the human body.

Again, pop water and the Milton tablet in this container, and within fifteen minutes you have a sterilised dummy that will last for 24 hours.

You can win one of these from me! See the end of this post.


I just want to mention two other things about this event.

bub-hub It was held at the lovely Bub Hub at the Broadacres shopping centre. Apart from the shop there are a lot of interesting classes (like parenting, antenatal, pilates, hypno birthing, baby massage). They are the only place in Joburg to do baby reflexology. The toddler yoga looks interesting to me!

richard-hardiman The other speaker was Richard Hardiman who runs Dudes to Dads, workshops preparing fathers for parenthood. A blog worth checking out, especially if you are about to become a dad.

Now, on to the giveaway! Click on the various categories to increase your chances of winning. If you know anyone that would like this, please spread the word. Sorry, this giveaway is open to South African residents only. Winners will be announced next Sat the 19th on Facebook and then emailed.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Nicky and the Birds

toddler-at-montecasion-bird-gardens Winter holidays are here and a great venue to take the kids to is the Montecasino Bird Gardens. We took advantage of my father visiting and decided to make a morning of it.

The last time we took Nicky to see animals he was six months old and it was the zoo. He was more interested in the hedges in front of the animals. I had him in the pouch. This time he was a lot older (just turned two) so I was curious to see how he would react to the birds and animals.

I was in two minds whether to take the stroller or not, but in the end I was glad that I did. Little ones get tired of walking and adults get tired of carrying! The only thing I will say is that there are sections (e.g. the netted part in the middle where certain birds and animals are kept) where there are stairs and I was grateful to have two men with me to assist. Otherwise the rest of the park has great pathways. For the actual “Flight of Fantasy” show they request that you leave your stroller at the back or have it next to you where you are sitting. It needs to be away from the main walk ways as they need the areas for their performance.

Initially when we got there I could see Nicky was a bit scared of the big birds. He was glad to be safe in his stroller. I took him out but he clung to me so I put him back in.

frog We went inside an enclosure that had frogs. I put Nicky right next to the glass so that he could see the frog. There were big frogs too, but they were more difficult to see since they were not moving.

Nicky absolutely loved the lemurs. He laughed at their movements. I think the way they played together reminded him of our dogs and he thought this was hilarious.

He also enjoyed the parrots. As you approach them, they actually say “Hello!”

We then went to the netted area and saw more animals and birds. We also saw some huge fish which Nicky liked. He was familiar with them because we have seen them before at the Dstv customer centre.

bat We then saw a colourful bat which Nicky pointed at and then a black bat crawling on the wire  barrier.

By this time it was time for the show, so off we went. We sat right at the back to be near to the stroller.

I have seen this show before so for me I enjoyed watching Nicky and seeing what he thought of all of this. Suffice to say it is very entertaining and also provides a conservation theme.

montecasino-balloon Some of the birds were difficult for him to see, and much more interesting for him was the balloon going up and down behind the stage.

clapping-at-bird-show Nicky also likes clapping and enjoyed joining in the applause at the relevant moments.

sign-don't-poke-birds We continued to look at various birds. The other nice thing about the stroller is the ability to keep your toddler restrained, as the signs all around tell you to take care of biting birds. I even saw a bird attacking a phone that was held right up against the barrier.

jungle-gym We then went and had some lunch at the tea garden. This is a lovely place surrounded by birds. It also has a jungle gym. I would say this was more appropriate for older children but I helped Nicky up and slid down with him.
lunch-hotdog They also had cute little benches and tables for kids, one of which the waiter very kindly moved closer to our table so he ate with us. Nicky had a hot dog and some chips. He only ate the chips though.

All in all, a fabulous place for both adults and kids to spend the day these holidays.


For more information, go to their website here.

(This post was first posted on ZAparents / JoziKids in a shorter version here).